cans of paintPainting & Decorating

If you are planning on undertaking any painting or decorating in your home, Ideal Store can supply the materials and tools required for a Professional finish.

Ideal Store stock a selection of paints, both matt and gloss, emulsion, undercoat and primer. Ideal Store is proud to stock Johnstone's Range of Paints. We also stock Berger, Crown, Dulux and Rustins paint.

Ideal Store stock varnishes and stains for indoors and outdoor use.

Ideal Store have a variety of brushes of different sizes. Ideal Store stock masking tape, floor covering, wall and wood filler and wall paper paste.

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A small selection of paint colours in stock

Calming neutral colours

Antique White ColourAntique White

Brilliant White ColourBrilliant White

Chapel Stone  Chapel Stone

China Clay China Clay

Coffee Cream  Coffee Cream

Ivory Spray  Ivory Spray

Manhatten GreyManhatten Grey

Moonlight Sky Moonlight Sky

Silver Feather Silver Feather

Warming neutral colours

Antique Cream ColourAntique Cream

Brandy Cream Colour Brandy Cream

Burnt Sugar  Burnt Sugar

Classic Cream Classic Cream

Cobblestone colour  Cobblestone

County Cream County Cream

Gentle heaven Gentle Heaven

Magnolia     Magnolia

softwarmth Soft Warmth

Blue & Green colours

Aqua Aqua

Blue Horizon ColourBlue Horizon

Blue Star Colour Blue Star

Hosla Hosla

Jade Jade

Jade Jewel Jade Jewel

Miami Mint Miami Mint

Teal Topaz Teal Topaz

Waterfall Waterfall

Pink & Purple colours

Dark AngelDark Angel

Fushia FantasyFushia Fantasy

PassionPink Colour Passion Pink

Pink StarburstPink Starburst

Raspberry BlushRaspberry Blush

Rosebud    Rosebud

Strawberry DaiquiriStrawberry Daiquiri

Sweet Lavender Sweet Lavender

Red colours

Fiery SunsetFiery Sunset

Hot CherryHot Cherry

Poppy Field Poppy Field

Red SpiceRed Spice

Rich RedRich Red

Yellow colours


Crushed PineappleCrushed Pineapple

English Trifle English Trifle

Lemon DazeLemon Daze

Lemon TangLemon Tang

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