Ideal Store Computing Services

Ideal store computing services offer expert and prompt repair to laptops, notebooks and PC's of any brand.

Ideal store Newtongrange computing services offer expert and prompt repair to laptops, notebooks and PCs of any brand. Ideal Store can upgrade laptops and PCs with top quality hardware components and leading software packages.

Ideal Store Newtongrange can replace or repair malfunctioning, defective or inoperative hardware components such as processors, motherboards and disk drives.

Parts and components are held in stock ensuring quick resolution of your computing issues or they can be ordered in where necessary.

A sample of the services performed by our technicians is listed below:

Ideal Store Desk Top computer, Laptop, Netbook & Notebook Services

If you have issues with your computer Ideal Store technicians will carry out fault diagnosis to find the most appropriate, cost effective solution to get your computer up and running as soon as possible offer a range of repair, replace or upgrade services to Desk Top computer, Laptop, Netbook & Notebook computers. The solution to your computer issues requires a repair or replacement part our technicians can easily and expertly perform any repairs or can replace components that are defective. Ideal Store can help you set up new computer, give your computer a health check and provide a fault diagnosis report.


  • Fix operating system of software issues.
  • Repair faulty hardware components.
  • Repair issues caused by viruses & malware.
  • Keyboard repair
  • Resolve WI-FI issues
  • Repair power sockets and USB ports

Laptops repaired all makes and models


  • Processors, Motherboards, CD rom, Disk drives, Hard drives.
  • Audio & Video sound card.
  • Outdated or non functioning hardware components
  • Laptop screen replacement.


  • Upgrade your software to the latest version.
  • Upgrade hardware to provide extra storage space or faster running computer.
  • Operating system upgrade or reinstallation of operating system to recify faults.
  • Upgrade, supply & install security software to protect your laptop.

Ideal Store can upgrade, install or reinstall hardware and software to optimise your system, fix faults or add additional functionality.

Ideal Store can remove viruses/malware and install security software if required.

Ideal Store Computing Accessories

Ideal Store stock a large range of computing accessories and blank media , to view our range check our Accessories Page.