Ideal Store Key Cutting

Key Cut Services:

Ideal Store Mortice and cylinder key cutting service.

Key duplication is available in Ideal Store.

A duplicate of the pattern key is obtained in about ten minutes.

Ideal Store Newtongrange key cutting services.

Types of keys cut at Ideal Store:

Household Cylinder Key:

Locks and keys Cylinder copy, genuine cylinder. £3.99 Only

A Household Cylinder Key is the most common sort of key. There are two main forms. The older form is for lever locks, where a pack of flat levers (typically between two and five) are raised to different heights by the key whereupon the slots or gates of the levers line up and permit a bolt to move back and forth, opening or closing the lock. The teeth or bittings of the key have flat tops rather than being pointed. Lever lock keys tend to be bigger and less convenient for carrying, although lever locks tend to be more secure.

The more recent form of house key is that for a pin-tumbler or wafer-tumbler lock. When held upright, as if to open a door, a series of grooves on either side of the key (the key's blade) limits the type of lock the key can slide into. As the key slides into the lock, the grooves on the blade of the key align with the wards in the keyway allowing or denying entry to the cylinder.

Household Mortice Key:

Mortice copy, utility mortice and genuine mortice. £4.99 Only

A skeleton key (or passkey) is a very simple design of key that usually has a cylindrical shaft (sometimes called a "shank") and a single, minimal flat, rectangular tooth or "bit". Skeleton keys are also usually distinguished by their "bow", or the part one would grasp when inserting the key, which can be either very plain or extremely ornate.

Key cutting latheAll keys are cut in store on Ideal stores own key cutting lathe.