Mobile Phone Unlocking and repairs

Phone unlocking logoMobile Phone Unlocking

Ideal Store Newtongrange can provide mobile telephone unlocking service on all major brands of mobile telephone. Mobile phone unlocking can be undertaken while you wait.

Unlocking your mobile telephone is 100% legal and allows your unlocked mobile telephone to use any sim card from any network. Unlocking will not damage your telephone and allowing you to use any sim card you wish can help ensure cheaper calls depending on the tariff set by the netwwork provider who issued the sim card.

Unlocking Vs Unblocking

when your phone is blocked this is done by your service provider, to unblock your mobile phone you must contact your service provider and request them to unblock it.

Mobile Phone Repairs

Ideal Store Newtongrange provide expert mobile phone repairs, software upgrades and replacement of mobile telephone parts. The mobile phone services offered include:

  • Mobile Phone software installation and upgrades.
  • selection of mobile phonesScreen replacement.
  • Water damage repair.
  • Data recovery.
  • Keyboard Replacement.
  • Charger and Socket repair.
  • General Mobile telephone repairs.
  • Microphone and Speaker repair and replacement.

We provide these services on mobile telephones from all the major manufacturers including Apple Iphones and Blackberrys. We offer competitive prices and promise to carry out all work as quickly as possible as we know how important your mobile phone is to you.

Screen Replacement

if your mobile phone has a broken, scratched or cracked screen, you'll want to get it profesionally fixed - fast. Ideal Store offer phone screen repairs and replacements.

Make Model Repair Cost

Before you come into Ideal Store back-up all your data including contacts, photos and apps, so you can restore your data to your phone.